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Project Tradescantia aims to improve the biodiversity of strategically chosen areas of the Dandenongs including both public and private land by addressing the infestation of weeds, in particular Tradescantia fluminensis (Trad).

Biodiversity assets threatened by Trad will be prioritised for action as follows:

Priority 1 = Cool Temperate Rainforest
Priority 2 = Headwaters of Streams
Priority 3 = Streams Lower in Catchments

A comprehensive asset protection assessment and mapping program will be developed to determine the most appropriate areas for on ground works.  This will be achieved with the engagement of suitably qualified local resources, all part of a project team governed by a steering group under the management of CWAD.

Priority areas (sites where Trad will be removed) will also be determined through consultation with existing partnerships with Yarra Ranges Council and stakeholders in the working parties of the Urban Fringe Weed Management Initiative and other local programs.

This project will support and assist the development of biological controls for Tradescantia aiming to help shorten the time before trials and implementation can begin in the Dandenongs.  It also aims to reduce the impact of Trad on important biodiversity assets while the biocontrols are developed.

The project will build on existing collaborative partnerships that CWAD has with agencies and local community groups by delivering an onground neighbourhood community engagement program which includes an education and awareness raising approach designed and delivered by the community.

This approach is critical in building capacity in the community to be prepared when biological control is rolled out.

In brief the project will:

  • Consult with Stakeholders
  • Prepare & Update Maps
  • Undertake on Ground Works
  • Monitor & Review Including Maintenance of Treated Sites
  • Reassess Priority Areas & Treatment Methods
  • Educate & Inform the Community & Stakeholders