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CWAD has been assessing tradescantia infestation and vegetation along by mapping the streams in the Dandenong Ranges. This includes Sassafras and Perrins Creeks, Clematis Creek, Ferny Creek, Menzies Creek, Hardy Gully, Monbulk Creek (to Belgrave Gembrook Rd), Pound Creek and Gully Creek.

Results of the mapping can be seen in the interactive map on the web page.

The tradescantia along these creeks is now being treated along the stream edges, to reduce the infestation of tradescantia. Mapping began at the headwaters of the creeks and as the project progresses down the creeks, including Monbulk creek to Birdsland Reserve.

As Monbulk Creek is mainly on private land, we have begun the process of visiting the residents to get permission to map along their section of the creek. This begins with the tributary Clematis Creek at Macawber Tavern (Belgrave) to Birdsland.  A section of Hazelvale Valley is also included into this work. There are around 120 properties. The doorknocking began on November 7.

Once the mapping is completed, the CWAD will plan for the removal of the tradescantia along the creek.

Meeting at the Trestle Bridge parking area prior to door-knocking of residents along Monbulk Creek late November.

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